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The Loupe EX-UNI viewfinder is a high quality, well made and stylishly constructed camera accessory. It is made with the serious and enthusiastic photographer in mind who wants to get great pictures in all environments. This well made piece of equipment is definitely designed to last, and is extremely easy to set up and use. So it really ticks all of the boxes that one would look for when searching for a viewfinder. This article will look at the features of the Varavon LOUPE EX-UNI viewfinder and highlight the benefits it brings to photographers.

First off we will look at the problem that this product solves. Have you ever been trying to take a picture in high sunlight conditions? Did you find that the LCD screen was harder to see, and lost its brightness in the sunlight? That is the problem that this nifty viewfinder solves, it fits perfectly and easily over the LCD screen to give you a perfect fully lit view. This means that the photographer can enjoy the flexibility and size of the LCD screen, whilst having the advantages of a viewfinder. The viewfinder does not need batteries and operates with a 3 inch size and has 3 times magnification to give you a better view. So you can take fine tuned photos with perfect adjustment in any conditions at all. It really offers protection from conditions and gives photographers a consistency when using the LCD screen for capturing images.

The LOUPE EX-UNI is really simple to install as well. It simply mounts on the camera from underneath using a standard screw in connection. This does not however mean that you cannot use a tripod with the camera if the LOUPE EX-UNI viewfinder is connected. The tripod can connect into the bottom of the viewfinder’s attached connection. The viewfinder has a tight seal connection around the LCD screen to ensure that all outer light is blocked. This is done with a compressed sponge seal, so there are no pressure marks on the camera. The technology also uses smart hinges to allow for the viewfinder to be collapsed into place only when necessary. This makes it easier to have attached to the camera when carrying with a neck strap.

Quality and precision are at the heart of this viewfinder, and that is seen in the adjustability of the unit. With the quick use of an allen key to loosen up the bolts the position of the viewfinder can be adjusted to your perfect liking. There is also a dioptor on loupe which allows users to adjust the vision to their requirements. In addition to this there is an adjustable focus knob which allows the focus in the viewfinder to your desired range.

Overall this is a fantastically simple piece of kit that works perfectly. It provides such a great function that actually actively helps users take better pictures and achieve better results.