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Published: Mar 17, 2012 by admin Filed under: Accessories Views: 4,269 Tags: Mobislyder
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Smart phones and digital cameras are providing more and more high quality video capability. Some digital cameras shoot in 1080p full HD quality now, making them very powerful devices indeed. This therefore means that a lot more people will start using iphones, smart phones and digital cameras for their home movie needs. This has lead to the development of the mobislyder, to help people professionalise their portable media capturing. It is a real waste of potential to have a high definition or good quality camera at your disposal and leave the shots to chance. That is where this nifty mobile slider comes into effect, giving you an easy way to take better shots on the move.
The mobislyder is a simplistic and unpretentious piece of equipment. It consists of a lockable swivel mount, a track controlled by ball bearings and four sturdy feet to grip it to surfaces. It can be said that it is a simple and functional tool, and tries to be nothing more. In this way it is very appealing. But how does it fair as an actual slide, what are its functions like and is it good value? That is what this short review sets to find out.
First off it needs to be said that the portable ability of this slider is very good, it can be packed away into most rucksacks or large back packs. This makes it a great tool to carry around with you, it is also lightweight and won’t hold you down. This is definitely what people are looking for when it comes to shooting on the go. Often when you snap something with your smartphone it is unexpected, and so having a light and quick to set up slide mount is ideal. That is exactly what the mobislyder offers. A portable straight out of the box slider that can be put almost anywhere.
The slider can take nice even shots horizontally, vertically and on a slope or incline. This gives the person capturing the footage ultimate flexibility in what they are capturing. Many slides do not fair well on slopes or inclines and give uneven footage as it does not slide very evenly. This thankfully is not the case with the mobislyder, the ball bearing mount rolls smoothly at any angle. This is helped by the gripping rubber feet which help the slider to grip into awkward angles and stay still in adverse conditions. Even though it is small, it’s fairly tough and robust. So the gripping feet will make sure it stays put and does not topple and damage your equipment. Because if a stand or slider is not steady it’s not only the shot that can get ruined, it’s the equipment too.
Overall it can be said that this is an impressive and nifty little bit of kit. It offers stable and simple improvements to shooting footage on an iphone, smartphone or digital camera.