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Hercules Accessories Neutral Density Filters

Published: Mar 29, 2012 by mpassociates Filed under: Accessories Views: 2,574 Tags:
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Hercules Accessories Neutral Density Filters

Hercules Accessories Neutral density filters are specialised lens filters that allow photographers to take photographs with specialist dark areas in the shot. They are often used to bring balance and mellow out harsh surroundings in outdoor conditions. An example of such use is to darken a bright sky in an outdoor nature shot. This makes the shot more bearable and creates a nice blend between contrasting elements of a picture.

The way a lot of the neutral density filters work is by putting a coating on the filter. This works to reduce the overall amount of light that is being let in. This can be used for multiple purposes, such as using multiple lenses which need different exposure times. Other types operate using what is known as a graduated neutral density filter. This also has a coating that filters out light, the difference is that rather than a full coating it has a gradient coating that includes a transition. This makes the light come through gradually and allows the photographer to selectively use the neutral density effect. Before with the full non gradient filter there is no way to differentiate and use the effect selectively. There are many different types of transition lenses that include soft and hard fades. So you can mix and match according to the shot that is needed at the time.

This Hercules Accessories  gradient type ND filter is usually used when taking pictures of a bright sky alongside a landscape shot. This allows the harsh light effect of the sun to be neutralised and the shot can still look great.

Experimenting with the use of filters will allow you to understand how they affect your shots and end results. There are some reports from photographers that the use of filters decreases the quality of the final shots. However this really depends on your preferences and how you perceive quality. Some people are a lot pickier than others. Investing in a quality lens filter will obviously increase the quality of results you get. Do your research and find something that is suitable to your budget and picture taking needs.

Once you are practiced and know how to use filters properly, you will be able to achieve a number of different effects. This can be to create a blur action, this is the use of a lens and variable shutter speeds to change the effect of the picture to what you are looking for.  You can also change the depth of field and remove unwanted motion elements from pictures. The way filters work and with a skilled photographer you can take multiple pictures to achieve the desired shot you want. This eliminates the element of unwanted blurs or motion, from passing subject in your shots.