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Adobe Photoshop 6 Beta

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Adobe Photoshop 6 Beta

Adobe Photoshop is the head software of the company, it is what makes them most of their money. It is also what they are best known for amongst the world besides flash and their pdf readers / editors. So it is big news when a new version of Photoshop is released to the general public, there is always much excitement and speculation. The 6th edition of adobe Photoshop is being pre-released to the public in a beta testing stage. This means that the software has been developed internally and tested within the company, but they are releasing it for the public to test. This allows to company to gain free feedback on glitches and improvements, whilst consumers get to trial the software.

So what is new in this next version of Photoshop? Well the first thing users will notice is the dark skin that the developers have added. It has more of a corporate feel to it, and actually helps to highlight the colors that you are using in photos. However it is not just all superficial, much thought and development has been put into making the software more user friendly. Many commonly used functions that were harder to locate before have been moved into the main editing frame. This way the software is being geared more towards WYSIWYG users as well as in depth photo editors.

In addition to the layout changing and tools being placed in an easier to find location there have been performance improvements. The graphics processing engine has been updated to allow more depth and higher pixel processing capabilities. This is via the company’s mercury graphics engine, which performs complex numerical calculation in real time to your editing. There is no delay and the process feels completely naturalistic. However obviously this requires the right system specifications. Users need to have a pretty high spec computer to be able to run this software. That is one of the drawbacks of its capability advancements.

The improvements can be visibly seen in many of the tools used in Photoshop. Some of the most commonly used will be the use of brushes and gradients, allowing faster rendering and bigger areas to be covered. There are also specific improvements to the ability to vary temperature and tint across images. There are too many other features to name individually, but other main areas of improvement are to do with blurring and image bending/manipulation. For example the new full screen adaptive wide angle dialog is aimed at helping the user with the job of straightening undesirable distorts and bumps in images. Where possible this deep set feature will analyze and identify the lenses focal point in the image. When this has been done then the image can be straightened without distorting the rest of the picture. This is a really cool and useful feature.

Overall the developments in Photoshop 6 look to be very exciting and deep. This is not just a makeover it is a redesigning and improvement of the core software