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Juice Tank iPhone case

Published: Mar 20, 2012 by admin Filed under: Mobile Phones
Juice Tank iPhone case
The juice tank iPhone case is a revolutionary stepping stone in the cell phone protective casing market. It is in a pre market launch fundraising stage at the moment and is nearing its target which would allow a launch soon. The case as the ‘juice tank’ name would indicate has a built in collapsible charger in its back side. This allows individuals to charge their phone on the go, by simply plugging the case (and in doing so the phone) into a wall socket outlet. This then directly charges up the phone giving users a much needed power boost. The design and concept are ingenious and this looks like something that could have a real impact on the market if launched correctly.
The standard two pins of the North American wall socket collapse into the back of the case. They lie flush against the surface meaning they do not attract attention to themselves or cause inconvenience to the phone user. When the user needs power they can simply flip up the two pins so they can plug the phone directly into the wall socket. This means that anywhere you are, you can have wireless charging of your cell phone if there is a socket available. The concept is so simple once produced and so it is surprising that this has not already hit the market in some form.
The electronics in this case are expertly designed and do not take up a lot of room. This is a slim case which is no bigger than most iPhone protective cases. So having the luxury of an integrated charger does not make this a bulky and unattractive item. The reality is far from it and the case is actually quite neat and stylish. The producers know that looks are just as important factor as function when it comes to a successful phone case. This is why it is a hot topic and an area of much interest, it has all the makings of a successful product.
The only possible downside is actually a by-product of the advantage that this case has. In being a wireless/cordless charger the phone has to go right to the plug to be charged. This means that being able to use the phone whilst it is charging through the case will be difficult or impossible. So perhaps this is not a product meant for general use, but more so emergency charging whilst on the go. Users will probably use this when the phone is almost out of battery, and a quick burst of power is needed. Because it has to remain at the wall or extension, it is not really a long term or regular use phone accessory.
Never the less this is a great invention and fantastic idea put into action. The unit is said to be retailing at around $70 upon launch, or $55 for people who have invested in the development/launch costs. So it is not too horrendous a price for some innovative and new technology.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Published: Mar 6, 2012 by admin Filed under: Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is due to go on sale in april. This is a much awaited launch of an exciting new tech product. The smart phone market is developing at a rapid pace and competition is fierce to grab the consumer’s attention. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is no different, and it hosts a lot of upgraded features from the previous Samsung Galaxy S2 model. Speculation and rumours are always rife with new technology releases, but the facts cited in this article are from verified sources. So you know that you are not being fed misinformation.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a heavy weight smart phone and is designed to compete with the best. It is said from multiple source that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will make a long term dent in iPhone sales. However whether this is going to be true or not will only be told by time.

The phone will contain a quad core processor using Exynos technology. Quad core processing capability allows for multiple operations to be completed simultaneously. This is really useful for using processor hungry applications whilst performing other tasks. The market that smart phones are creating means that people are transferring more and more responsibility to their phone over laptops. Therefore higher specification phones are needed to handle this increased workload. The screen size and resolution will be increased in the S3 compared to the S2 as well. The new screen will be HD with a 4.8 inch diagonal size. Again this bigger screen size is put in place to handle the increased usage and workload that people depend on smart phones for. If someone is to put this device in place of many functions that were processed by laptops before, then a sizeable screen is needed.

The phone will be revealed and demonstrated at a Samsung hosted event near to the launch date. The specific date has not been released; this strategy is designed to create interest in the product before launch.

In terms of actual physical processing power and speed the Samsung Galaxy S3 is more powerful than an iPhone. Samsung have the advantage of having been in the smart phone market for longer, and have sustained research and development in place. Samsung actually supply many parts that are integrated in the iPhone’s mechanics. So you know that if the competition is being supplied off of them they must be doing something right.

The operating system in the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has been upgraded from that which is installed in the S2. The S3 is speculated to be using the android 4.09 Ice cream sandwich operating system, where as its predecessor was on the 2.3 android system.

Overall the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has created quite an impression. It can be seen that consumers are taking a keen interest in the release as well. Therefore the volatility in the smart phone market may open up a bit more as Samsung is set to make an initial dent in iPhone’s sales levels

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