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Ipad 3 - The Arriving .............

Published: Feb 23, 2012 by admin Filed under: Computing Tablets
Are You Waiting For The iPad 3?
With so many rumors going around, it is hard to deny that the advent of iPad 3 is imminent. A very popular website which deals in the selling and buying of electronic devices and gadgets around the world has suggested that now is the best time for the launch of iPad 3 and this is why people from all over the world are highly anticipating the arrival of the masterpiece of electronics.

No matter which day is set by the Apple, one thing is for sure that the price of iPad 2 will plummet considerably with the launch of iPad 3 in the market. This has happened in the history as well and history will repeat indeed. When the iPad 2 was launched then the price of the original iPad dropped precipitously. All of us are well aware that in past as the demand of the iPad 2 soared in the markets, the price of the original iPad declined proportionally.

Currently, the rumors suggest that Apple will release the iPad 3 on the 7th of March. So, we can easily assume that the much anticipated gadget will be launched at least before the second Sunday of March this year. However, as soon the Apple Corporation will invite media and confirm the launch, the iPad 2 will be long gone.

iPad 3 will come along with a quad-core processor:
The most important feature that will make the iPad 3 stand out from other tablets is its quad-core processor. As you might already know that currently we only have tablets with dual-core or single processors. Thus, with a quad-core processor you can imagine how fast this tablet would work.  
More information about the iPad 3:
According to the Digitimes, the latest tablet model by Apple i.e. iPad 3 will be easily selling its units to around 9.5 million to 9.8 million people. Also, the battery size of the iPad 3 is found to be larger than the previous versions. Even the experts suggest that the new casing is to support the battery only.

About the storage:
Since the iPad 2 had the storage options of 12/32/64 GB, it is predicted that the iPad 3 will have a 128 GB storage option. Well, it is at least on the wish list of the people. Besides to give support to the quad-core processor there is nothing which could be done without a good storage.
So, there are a lot of people wanting the iPad3 to release soon!

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