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Canon 5D Mark III

Published: Mar 5, 2012 by admin Filed under: Canon
Cannon 5 Mark 3

This article will cover the pre launch information available about the stunning new Cannon 5 mark 3 cameras. These are the latest in the list of seriously heavy duty cameras than cannon have released. The Cannon 5 mark 3 is the direct successor to the previously launched Cannon 5 mark 2. These cameras are largely designed with real enthusiasts in mind. Its specifications in brief include a stunning 22 megapixel full frame sensor, a 6 frame per second shot rate and includes a 61 point AF. It even includes some nice real 1080p HD video capturing, the video on this camera makes other photo/video hybrids looks absolutely puny in comparison. The Cannon 5 mark 3 is due to be released at the end of March 2012. This unit is eagerly awaited and there is much chat and buzz on internet forums and photography circles.
The specifications of the camera stated in this article are taken from the official cannon press release. So it can be known that this is not a rumour spreading document but is based upon actual fact.
First off the performance of this camera is a leap in development from previous models. The Cannon 5 mark 3’s 22.3 MP full frame sensor allows for increased resolution and sharper detailing. This allows the photographer to capture a wide range of photographic subjects in more detail. It also makes back end editing more easy, as the increased pixel density allows for more minute details to be edited. Action shots are also a lot easier to capture with higher speed continuous shooting, this means that the photographer can burst shoot on demand. This allows for capturing of unexpected or quick moving subjects simply. The 6 frame per second burst rate is really efficient for these quick capture needs. The camera has also improved on previous models ISO range, this allows for great simple picture capturing in lower light conditions. It can be seen that the performance enhancements in the Cannon 5 mark 3 cameras are aimed at allowing easier practical photography. The features are aimed at real photography, capturing the unexpected and unstable in the world. Some other cameras are purely designed for studio use, this is definitely not one of them.
This camera is not only built for great operation, but also ease of use. For example the body is made of lightweight magnesium metal  for safe guard against tough conditions.  The shutter has also been reinforced to make sure that it lasts as longer. The reinforcement deals with high usage and repeated shuttering day in and day out. This is why this camera is likely to be the choice of the best professionals.
Overall this is a camera that is designed with the photographer in mind. There have been no limits placed on the design to save costs or increase profits. The camera tries to be the best that it can, and that is commendable. This obviously does however come at a cost, and the retail price of the camera upon launch is estimated to be around $3500.

Much Awaited Canon 650D

Published: Feb 24, 2012 by admin Filed under: Canon
Much Awaited Canon 650D

In this modern era of growing technology, every day a new electronic gadget is launched in the market. In the world of camera, latest model to be launched in the month of March is Canon’s 650D camera. Canon, a leading Japanese brand especially in the sales of camera, has been having tough time while creating a new digital SLR 650D. Some of the features that Canon is trying to add in this upcoming device are:

Sensor implementation:
One of the most important rumored featured of 650D model is that it is sensor implemented which will come with a resolution of 24 mega pixels. In order to support it, the company might add Digic image 5 processor. The best thing about this new DIGIC is that it is expected to speed up the image processing mechanism and also help in reducing the power consumption. Reduction in the power consumption would in turn provide a longer battery life along with new and creative modes of capturing pictures. All these extra benefits for more or less the same price as that of other camera models of the same class.

Unbeatable noise rejection ratio:
This model of Canon is rumored to have the new Digic Processor which will have both still and video reduction up to such an extent that it will have the capability to revolutionize the entire industry with its performance. You will also be able to observe an improvement in the dynamic range although the extent is not yet known.

Compact tools along with creativity:
Canon has decided to add certain extra creative tools with the product so that you can try out and apply your piece of creative mind.  

Magnified Optical view finder:
A good quality optical view finder is very important to frame and focus your subject perfectly. Hence, the brand company has decided to provide an optical view finder magnification of 0.87 X and a vision rate of 97%. Even while shooting, this digital device provides extra zoom without losing out the quality.

Loyal customers of Canon are very excited about this launch which is delayed but their long wait is going to end soon. Canon has decided to celebrate its 25th anniversary by launching this new camera which is an excellent way of making this event special. It is a total rebel with lot of new and brilliant features that has improved the performance and picture quality drastically.

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