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Pentax K-01

Published: Mar 7, 2012 by admin Filed under: Pentax
Pentax K-01 hands on preview
This article is a hands on preview of the much anticipated Pentax K-01 digital camera. The basis of which is to give potential buyers, enthusiasts and photographers some information on the product. Before launch there are often rumours and multiple sources of misinformation being put out there. However this preview / review is based upon actual evidence from handling the camera and so you can know that there is no nonsense here.
The Pentax K-01 is a mirrorless camera which features a high definition 16 megapixel capture facility. The camera is fitted with a K mount meaning that any K mount lens from Pentax can be fitted to the Pentax K-01. The price will be around the $1000 or $1100 mark depending on if you buy the body only or get the included lens. The release date for the Pentax K-01 is due around the middle of March, towards the end of March.
One of the most defining features of the Pentax K-01 is the high quality 16.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor. This allows for high definition and crisp capturing of the desired subject, the sample pictures released from the camera speak for themselves. The color profile was good, clean capture and there was minimal noise on the resulting images.
The Pentax K-01 also features a 6 fps burst shooting mode. This allows for capture of quick or unexpected images. This allows the photographer to have multiple chances of capturing the best shot of their desired subject. This 6 fps rate competes with the best and is really responsive.
Full high definition video capture is also included in this camera, and has a variable setting for the frame rate of 30, 25, 24 frames per second. This is accompanied with a microphone socket for higher clarity audio to be captured via the Pentax K-01. This is a great feature that is not included in all higher end cameras.
The Pentax K-01 also boast a HDMI out socket so that images can be viewed flawlessly on larger screens and image display sources.
On top of all of this the 40mm lens compatible with this camera is said to be now the world’s smallest interchangeable lens on the market.
As said before the sample pictures we saw taken with this camera were fantastic. They had low noise and great definition and clarity. There wasn’t much to fault even the color balance and profile was accurate and vivid. For the money this is a great performing camera.
The camera has a great visual appeal, it takes great pictures and its compatibility with lenses is great. Overall it offers fantastic value for money and cannot be snuffed at as a great camera. When this is launched there is likely to be a lot of noise coming from the industry and enthusiast about it. The design is unique as well and it is not afraid to be a little different to the trend and offer something unique in what is essentially a homogenous market.

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